Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela

Education is the powerful thing which plays a great role in the development of an individual as well as the whole nation. It is an important medium of acquiring knowledge and skills. It brings natural and positive changes in human life. Generally, it is the transfer of knowledge from senior people to younger members of the society. Thus, education has become a vital factor for the future brightness of the new generation. People from backward areas are not getting proper education due to lack of money and resources. However, government has been planning some special programs to resolve the problems in such areas. Education changes the way of thinking of a person. Education in the backward areas let them know the benefits of education and moreover disabled people and poor have equal rights to get educated. It is the only way to get solution for all the personal and social problems. A country cannot develop without the growth and development of its citizens. Thus, the development of the country depends upon the education standards available to all its citizens.
Education is an important medium of acquiring knowledge and skills. It was the 86th amendment which brought education as a fundamental right and presently Article 21A of the Indian constitution deals with it. In 2009, Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 got enacted. The main objective of this act is to provide quality education to the child of age between 6 to 14 years as per the Constitution fundamental right awarded to them. Even the private unaided schools shall not charge any capitation free from any child, nor will they do any screening of the child or its parents. For better social inclusion, every unaided schools are under an obligation to admit 25 percent students from weaker sections of the society in the neighborhood. The state shall reimburse the school expenditure on these students. It is the significant way to provide and ensure primary education free for the children. Some of the steps and ideas can make this act more significant and effective. Right to education is recognized as one of the human rights by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10th December, 1948)”. There are some of the International Conventions which safeguard and protect the right to education all over the world.
There are many such laws and legislation relating to child rights. But here a question arises, is this implemented properly or used to? No! Here arises the question of Equality.
Article 14 of the Indian Constitution states that-
“The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of laws within the territory of India.”
It guarantees to every person of India, to a prince and a peasant, the rich and the poor, and man and women. But why there is discrimination between normal children and child beggars.
India may be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the irony is that there is still large number of children begging in the streets of its leading cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata and may other. India is the country where people had made begging as their profession. Many People instead of giving education to their children are training or forcing their children to beg. These innocent children do not beg on their own and hardly get anything, as they are exploited by mafia gangs, and gang leaders. Why do we see children below the age of 14 begging? The truth is that there are people who get money from child beggary, which has become a kind of forced labour and slavery. They think that education is just the wastage of time and also it requires money which they don’t have. So to increase their family income they tell their children to beg from people. They are spoiling their own children’s and well as the future of India. The question that comes in my mind is – are they alone responsible for their children’s dark future? Or are we not more culprit than them?
My opinion is that we are much more responsible for creating a dark future for our coming generations. Child beggars beg as they are guided to do this but we when give them money with a thinking that we are helping them then we destroy their future, their morale, their confidence. Some of these children are being trafficked by gangs. In India, more than 60,000 children trapped each year. Most of these are kidnapped and are forced to work as beggars. Even they are not allowed to keep their earning along with them and are treated as slaves and also the gangs don’t give them food so that they look gaunt and get more sympathy and which results in more earning for the gangs. Also we know that a disabled child will get more sympathy so they also cut some parts of their body so to get more money.
When we give these children money then we are not helping them, but by giving them money, we only encourage the cycle of begging- a horrific business, and put future children in grave danger. When we give directly to children, we hurt more than we help. It’s not possible to know whether the child is a victim of trafficking or not. By saying no to giving money to child beggars does not mean we have to turn our backs on them, we must help them by donating money to the organisations who help poor and those people who do not have a shelter. Or give those things to them that can’t be sold further by them. So they do not make it their business. Also every child somewhere in his heart has a hope of studying and going to school, but providing them money on begging destroy their that hope and for earning more they begin to beg daily. So I think we should not give them money and tell them not to do this and encourage them to study and make their future bright. Only we can make our country’s future bright by not increasing the number of beggars in our country. Also, it’s our government’s duty to take some strict actions so that parents should not force their children to beg.
Right to Education act makes responsibilities to all parties to play their vital role as state and central governments is responsible for the development of infra-structure. Likewise, private schools are responsible for the admission of weaker and economically backward sections without any discrimination like caste, colour, sex, race etc. This Act plays an important role in the illiteracy rate and poverty rate of the country. In present, most of the working group in our country are illiterate who cannot contribute progress of our nation. If we educate all the groups of nations then it will lead to the increase of well-educated working age group in our nation. There must be elimination of selfishness, ego, and materialistic attitude from our society. This Act will be responsible for development of strong Education base of the future generation of our beloved country.
At the end, it can be asserted that education is a basic human right provided for all individuals of the society and without it no decent standard of living can ever become a reality. Thus, RTE Act provided us the guarantee of “quality education” to all our children. Now let us take a pledge to work together to ensure that the provisions of the RTE Act are successfully implemented.

A begging hand will only bleed their heart more, Show them a way.

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