Why Unmukt?

While walking through the streets of India, he came across some withered innocents with screaming scars on their body. Yeah! The budding bodies regularly maimed with deficiency and societal disregards.

Hey Krishna… his soul cried in plight and his heart screamed for their freedom and love. And as a result, he decided to march around 17,000 kms.(Across India).

I pray. I pray against the humanity being brutally massacred. I pray for those innocent faces; exposing wounds and tortured so that they become more piteous. I pray theses steps won’t stop until his feet kisses 17,000 kms. of Mother Earth, eradicating the illness and spasm of child begging from the radical level.
Oh. Kindly pray! Pray till the ailing soul of India rejoices in peace.

India needs support of its people across the villages, towns and cities. Kindly join the initiative #Unmukt and be a part of this noble campaign. Individually or collectively, your prayers must be powerful enough that these so called ‘black-stone’ innocents can be pelted into diamonds and they also stand up to be tomorrows’ Kalam and Mother Teresa!

Unmukt walk inspired by the Dandi March and rage of Shahid Bhagat Singh, covering all the 29 states of India is going to turn up to be the largest child rescue campaign addressing 1 million organisations with one motto ‘Child Begging Free India’, eradicating child begging from ground level with zero tolerance.
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

#Onegooneimpact #Unmukt

By: Riya Sachdeva

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